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Furnaces have evolved a lot, especially in the last 10 years. With new technology, furnaces have become more reliable and efficient. If your furnace is 12 years old or more and needs furnace service, you may want to think about installation of a new high efficiency gas furnace. Furnace repair can become costly with older furnaces because of the number of times that furnace may need to be repaired. Call your heating contractor, Precision Heating, they have experts in home heating and furnace replacement. You can save money with a high-efficiency furnace and your home can also be more comfortable, ask about variable speed furnaces and modulating furnaces. Precision heating carries the full line of Amana furnaces.

Warrantees With Amana Furnaces

Amana furnaces have the best warranty on the market today. They have a 10 year parts warranty. The Amana furnace has a heat exchanger that is warramtied for as long as you own your home. This warranty is not just a parts warranty, it is a furnace replacement warranty. If the heat exchanger should ever fail for as long as you own your home, Amana will provide you with a brand new furnace! Your excellent heating contractor, Precision heating, is proud to be a factory certified partner with Amana, to bring you the best possible service, the best possible product and the best warranty in the business. Precision heating and Amana are proud of what they do and stand behind their work.

Heat Pumps Save You Money

In many areas natural gas is not available. In those places, a heat pump can be the most efficient way to heat your home. A standard efficiency heat pump can cost less to heat your home than even a high-efficiency natural gas furnace. If you heat your home with electric baseboard heat, propane, or oil, your heat pump contractor, Precision heating, can show you how you can start saving money immediately upon the installation of a heat pump system in your home. A heat pump not only heats your home but is also used as an air conditioner, so with a heat pump you will get efficient inexpensive home heating and air-conditioning for those warmer days.

Amana Heat Pump Warranties are the BEST

Amana heat pumps have the best warranty of any heat pumps on the market today. If you let your heating contractor, Precision heating, give you the installation of a new Amana heat pump, 14 SEER efficient or higher efficiency, those heat pumps have a life time heat pump replacement warranty, should the compressor ever fail. The compressor is the most expensive part on a heat pump to replace. If you’re Amana compressor fails for as long as you own your home, Amana will provide you with a new heat pump, you only need to pay for the installation.

Furnace Service And Repair

Precision Heating, and its award winning furnace service division, is proud to bring you the best possible service at affordable rates. Our factory trained and certified technicians when doing furnace repair, will let you know up front what your cost will be. As your heating contractor, Precision Heating guarantees its furnace service and repair so that you can rest assured the job was well done the first time. Our technicians are courteous, drug-free, clean and will treat your home better than if it was their own. We at Precision Heating hope that everybody’s furnace would never break down, but unfortunately, furnaces do break down. When that happens call the experts, Precision Heating, your local heating contractor, specializing in furnace service and furnace repair.

Use our financing to save money

Ask about our financing program at Precision Heating. Our home comfort specialist can show you how you could be saving money as soon as you install a new heating system. If you are heating your home with electric heat, propane heat or oil heat you could start saving money right away.

For example, Mary T, Seattle Wa., was using oil heat for her home. She was paying on average $650 per month for oil. Precision heating installed a high-efficiency heat pump system in her home.

Mary financed the installation, her monthly payment was $225 per month.

Her electric bill, because heat pumps use electricity, but very efficiently, only went up $95 per month.

But she did not have to pay $650 per month for oil.

On the averaged in the wintertime she is now enjoying an instant savings of $330 per month!

There are many rebates that could apply to you also.  Power company rebates, manufacturer rebates and even federal tax credits, all can help with the installation of a new heat pump system or furnace

Professional is the Best Way

Hiring a professional heating contractor is ultimately the best way to get the job done right. Proper furnace installation is more comfortable and will save you money.
To be sure you hire a licensed heating contractor visit https://fortress.wa.gov/lni/bbip/Search.aspx

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